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Todd Crawley

About Me

Coach, Motivation Speaker And Author

Todd Crawley is an author with passion for metaphysical truth. His sessions are tailored to your needs, providing deeply insightful knowledge and understanding to guide you through love. 

Crawley's aim is to exemplify that there is a way to raise the frequency, that's why he started creating inspirational, self- help, spiritual books on energy and metaphysics.


Todd Crawley

Love Inside Podcast

Crawley’s multi-faceted approach to spiritual discovery is the ideal way to help yourself attain the art of being. With a passion for purveying enlightenment to the world, Todd is here to assist you in discovering your inner self. He helps others through his teachings about spirituality and destiny and how you can achieve this through meditation, energy philosophy, and spiritual closeness with the Divine. Although these concepts are not new, Todd’s approach to sharing them with the world is. With a focus on love, he is here to assist you, providing enlightening moments into your everyday consciousness.


Spiritual Movement

Divine Society

Each Crawley's book is carefully composed to uplift an entirely new generation. His works can be described as modern-day prophetic resources meant to uplift your state of being through consciousness.

Divine Society

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Divine Society
Decoding Peace


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