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Age of Aquarius: Unconditional Love

Imagine the change, when the intelligence of this vibration spans this Earth realm. Imagine the impact on the next generation when the highest embodiment of consciousness is forthcoming and preached worldwide to grow the ingenuity of the cerebral cortex correctly from a very young age. To teach love, consciousness, and energy for the next generation and beyond.

This is the reality we are embarking on. A new plane of existence that is based on an advanced level of understanding. Not only within the application of quantum physics but, the further understanding of how the mind, heart, and energy of the human body influence the reality experienced. With this understanding, there is a replaced dynamic throughout culture, society, and every new human to enter the Earth.

Every child is born perfect, inherently present with love and cognitive awareness. And, to enhance the state of being of the youth through the perspective of a playful, imaginative, and consciousness driven instructional philosophy from a young age unravels colonialism. However, there is no longer a need for governed and enticed pathways into slavery when the youth are directed into an exact understanding of the truth of how their own consciousness unfolds their reality. Earth then morphs into a blissful state when the mind, energy, and body of the next generation human isn't under a challenge to break free from the instructed conditioning. This is freedom, hope actualized, and the birth of what Martin Luther spoke into reality.

When the human beings embodied energy and consciousness becomes the most important faction during instruction the level of creative ingenuity will bring inventions we could have never dreamt from the next generation.

For instance, Alexander Shulgin a Harvard graduate who did a stint at Dow chemical, synthesized the drug MDMA. This drug blocked the lower vibrations of energy within the body and instantly made the user sync with high energy attractor fields. For an example and as an invention, imagine skin sensors that would have the same affect. To sense and improve energy attractor fields of the human body, and assist in overcoming genetic defects of through the monitoring and improvement of all three different nervous systems in the human body. Crime would then be little to nonexistent.

It is the realization of what can truly solve the human problems, negating judgement and in the present moment, with the advanced understanding we have today that can provide humans more opportunity, security, time and feelings of contentment and love.

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