Catalyze Inner Peace

Updated: Jun 22

Divine Perception

Embrace the living divine dimension.

The 9th law of the Universe, the law of relativity. This law can be a catalyst for your wonderous peace. The spiritual universe sees absolute truth in the evolution of you and, this is the growth. Also, growth can be achieved in tandem with realizations through a deeper inner-standing of your consciousness awareness combined with this 9th law of relativity. In this format of self-discovery and learning, inner peace integration comes naturally with surrender. Peace is a high level of consciousness and, comes with feelings of bliss, joy, and fuflfillment. This peace radiates and beautifies Earth. Going within and using this 9th law together of perception and neutrality is the claming to your soverignity and a closer relationship with God and the Divine. Know your ancestry, your lineage, and your spirit guides are with you in every step.

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