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Ways to enhance your intuition

Your intuition is an energetic source that comes from within. An energetic inner-knowing that can guide you towards the fulfillment of your desires. Your intuition is a feeling that assists you to reach your highest good. This is an energy that creates inspired action upon the desires of your heart. Using a silent mind, in meditation, your intuition can be felt with your hands held together. This is the mudra hand formation of your intuition. Intuitive notions can feel like a rush of energy, or a soothing of energy; depending on the circumstance. Through the power of clairsentience and intuition comes the feeling inside that can be an excellent guide to perfect your timing in line with the current energies. Use your intuitive powers to guide your life to your highest fulfillment!

Diet, exercise, and stillness can make room for a clean and clear inner-knowing. Feeling your best is a way to perfect the energetic feelings inside your body. Intuition can be blocked, depending on the chakra system within. Sensitivity to energy is a gift. The more you know how to embrace the courage to act on intuitive nudges, the more fruitful, enjoyable, and effortless life will unfold!

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